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We can protect each other from COVID-19

We have seen countries recently endorse that their citizens wear masks and some are even enforcing them in public areas. But why???

Well, here are three reasons why we should all wear masks.

  1. It greatly reduces the virus particles that can spread from an infected person.
  2. One of the most effective ways of contracting the virus is by touching your nose and mouth with contaminated hands. Wearing a mask prevents you from touching those areas.
  3. Your odds of having a mild case are increased. Any mask reduces the amount of particles that you can be infected with. (higher the quality mask, the more particles filtered.) Experts are saying that if you receive a lower dose of the virus, your symptoms are likely to be less severe.

If I can protect you, and you protect me, and we can protect others, than it really is logical to wear a mask.

Lets look after ourselves and our communities.


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three reasons to wear a face mask